Type foundries

A list of type foundries and my favorite typefaces in no particular order whatsoever. This is by no means exhaustive. And I should probably note that just because I don’t list a foundry or typeface as a favorite doesn’t mean that I don’t like it.

Legend: star = licensed

[This is a work in progress — I decided that if I went ahead and published this page in its infancy it would motivate me to finish it faster.]


Run by Fred Smeijers (a typographer’s typographer) and friends, OurType is based in Belgium. The typefaces at OurType are a perfect combination of strength and elegance. A nice bonus: when you license a font for your computer it also comes with a web license for one domain.

Klim Type Foundry

Klim Type is the home of Kris Sowersby’s wonderful typefaces. If I had to have five basic typefaces Tiempos Text would be one of them.

Bold Monday

The Nitti family has that “X” factor in that you could stare at it for years and it would still seem fresh.


The home of internet famous Circular.

Commercial Type

You won’t be disappointed with a typeface from Commercial Type.

Darden Studio

I once designed an entire consumer web application using only Freight Sans. It’s one of the most versatile typefaces available.


Emigre has an extensive catalog of typefaces and has been an original thinker in the type community for many years.

Mark Simonson

You likely know Mark Simonson’s work from Proxima Nova, one of the most popular fonts of the last decade (purely anecdotal). He has a great website too.

ARS Type

I LOVE ARS Maquette. It’s feature rich and full of sturdy detail. Great for logos, great for body copy.

Type Supply

A one man show, Tal Leming’s body of work is something to which to aspire. (I’m anxiously awaiting the public availability of Smoosh.)

Luzi Type

A fantastic modern sans serif. I used it for branding for a client (see here).

Letters from Sweden

I first discovered Letters from Sweden via Fontstand.

Process Type Foundry

Elena is a special achievement in my opinion. It goes in the hall of fame along with Georgia and Skolar as being a near perfect serif for the screen.

RP Digital Type Foundry

It’s always a good day when I get to use one of the Larish fonts.