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Some of my past work is shown below. Mainly I design and develop websites, enterprise software, and design systems. I work well with others and make things to last a long time.

red e app

Red e App is a startup based in Louisville, KY. They have large enterprise clients like GE, Magna, and HardRock that use their mobile messaging product. A part of their product offering is a desktop-based admin system that needed an overhaul to match the quality of the rest of their product suite.

I created a design system and built a static front end of HTML and CSS with jQuery-based JavaScript to show how interactions would work. Their engineering team then took these templates and built the finished product. The end result has been a huge success and Red e App’s clients love the new admin.


I AM SO EXCITED for this new admin console. I literally cannot WAIT to start demo-ing it for people. The upgrades to the design and UI are significant — it will be much easier for our customers to use the new console, and we expect that training will be more efficient as a result of the intuitive design. David did an excellent job of learning our product, providing innovative design solutions, and getting feedback from our team throughout the process.

Hannah BeasleyDirector of Customer Success

Red e App customer admin portal - messages view.

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

The Southern Equip project unified Southern Seminary’s insitutional resources into a single brand. The site publishes primary media through the Equip identity and serves as a clearinghouse for all other publication channels that exist at the institution.

The primary look and feel of the home page is the Southern Equip brand, but as you navigate to other areas the design integrates the look and feel of individual publications all while maintaining the overall Equip brand.

The logo, type selection, and brand colors for the Southern Equip, Southern Magazine and Towers identity were developed by Southern’s in-house Communications team. I was responsible for the Southern Equip website and all the various sections within it.

Responsive Design

Read more about the responsive design challenges that occur when you have three logos in the header.


I've looked to David for numerous digital design solutions and he has always exceeded expectations. Most recently, he led the design and product development on a very complex project of high importance to our institution. He was easy to work with — communicating professionally throughout the planning, design and implementation of the project and also creating high-quality deliverables to help present to our leadership.

Steve WattersV.P. of Communications

Home page for Southern Equip.

More Screens

View more designs from the Southern Equip project.

The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Dreamstreet was a consumer application sold to large utility companies that helped their customers find efficient appliances and other home products. I spent about a year working on this product (2012-2013). It was fun work and I learned a lot.

And I got to live in California for a year. 😎

Used by

Example category view of the Dreamtreet product.

Branding mark for Grace Church AlexandriaThree slanted blue barsOld personal branding mark
Branding Work

A variety of logos, wordmarks, icons, etc.

David Yeiser Co. typeset in old-style serif

What portfolio isn’t complete without showing some personal work? Like many other designers I’ve put in countless hours on dumb stuff that served no purpose. Most of it will never grace the canvas of an editor again, much less be seen by others, but what does get shown is cathartic release of the tension accrued from the weight of wasted time.