Making websites and design systems for fun & profit… mainly profit.

Formerly educated as a Civil Engineer, I switched careers in 20071 to be a web designer and have never looked back. To paraphrase Norman Potter: Everyone’s a designer, I have the pleasure to earn my living by it.

Underlying my interest in the web is a deep love of typography, letters, words, and an unfulfilled, subconscious desire to be a writer. Reading, writing and publishing is a sacred part of humanity, and I enjoy am tolerating hanging out at the borderland between it and the latest technologies.

I enjoy reading and collecting books. I’m married with two kids and live in Louisville, Kentucky.

This Site

The blog is run through Airtable and is pulled onto this site with React via their API. (If you’re interested, I wrote about how I do that here.) The overall site is powered by Node.js and Next.js.

The blog centers around typography, fonts, design, what I’m reading, Christian life and practice, work, throwaway current events, and other thoughts and things I find helpful. I try to make it good and fun to keep up with, and hopefully it adds some cumulative value if you’re a regular reader, but it won’t be much of a loss to society if it disappears.

I have a couple tutorials related to front-end web development on the Tutorials page, and a free book about freelancing full-time and a WordPress theme on the Etc. page.

Working Together?

I freelance full-time, enjoy it a lot, and have limited availability for 2019. I’m primarily a designer but I also do front-end development with React, WordPress, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript. If you have a project you think I might be a good fit for please do email me:

At one point I had a portfolio of work here but I’m rethinking it at the moment. I do a lot of design systems work now which isn’t always the easiest to display in a portfolio. If you want to see some of my past work (or talk about my current work) you can email me at the address above. I’ve listed the primary technologies I like to work with below.

  • React
  • JavaScript
  • Adobe® Creative Suite
  • Figma
  • WordPress
  • Git
  1. I feel compelled to note that my first actual paying job as a web designer was in 2001. I was webmaster of the local leather and tack shop which did business internationally thanks to the owner’s prescience regarding ecommerce.