Working hard
is working smart.

There is no magic process for a successful project. What I do is very simple: listen, understand, inform and work together towards a solution. The hard work that works, so to speak.

What I bring to the table is a tacit understanding of how digital products are built, an unrelenting focus on what a product needs to be not what it should be, and a cornucopia of soft skills to make it easy to work together.

Below are guiding principles and notions learned over time that shape how I approach problems and discern solutions. If you would like to hear more about how I work and the type of work I do, please contact me at (502) 550-7972 or email


  • Design won’t save a bad product.
  • Very few people know better than their customers.
  • Design has limits.
  • Change for sake of change is a bad change.
  • Change is necessary.
  • Great design is a constant fight against self-consciousness.
  • Where quality lacks, consistency will rule.
  • Ideas and execution have diminishing value on their own.
  • Beware the unpracticed who spout theory.
  • Making is thinking. Quantity breeds quality.
  • Mediocrity dies in the details.
  • Make time your ally, not your enemy.