David Yeiser Co. is a design company run by David Yeiser.

Portrait of David Yeiser

For a long time now I’ve distinguished myself by doing the hard work that works. I communicate clearly and efficiently, work well with others, and feel just as much at home with the development team as with the CEO.

I approach all projects with precise professionalism and make it a point to stay on the bleeding edge of design and technology best-practices.

I’ve had stints as an urban planner, lead designer (digital agency & in-house), jack of all trades at a Silicon Valley startup, and I’ve freelanced full-time. The work in these roles has included enterprise software design, print design, interactive design, marketing design, information architecture, product, feature and people management, copy-writing, mobile app design, and miles of CSS & HTML.

I’ve co-founded a company; designed, developed and shipped two products; and self-published a book.

The foundation of my work is respect for the venerable master unit of design: typography.


Below is a cursory list of the type of things I do.

  • website design
  • enterprise software planning & design
  • information architecture
  • content planning
  • website implementation strategy
  • website audits & reports
  • identity design
  • app design
  • chat bot design ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
  • information design

How does it work?

The best way to get started is to email me and tell me what you want to do and we can figure it out together. No obligations of course. You can just email to say hi too.

Call or email to get started

hello@davidyeiser.com · (502) 550-7972