A regular guy
who makes websites.

Me, David Yeiser

David is a seasoned designer who has worked with a lot of companies and organizations to build very nice websites and applications. I freelance full-time and enjoy it a lot.

About David

Formerly educated as a Civil Engineer, I switched careers in 20071 to pursue my long-time hobbyhorse 🐎 of web design and have never looked back. To paraphrase Norman Potter: Everyone’s a designer, I have the pleasure to earn my living by it.

Underlying my interest in the web is a deep love of typography and words… and an unfulfilled, subconscious desire to be a writer. Reading, writing and publishing is a sacred part of humanity, and I enjoy hanging out at the borderland between it and the latest technologies. Even if the results are disasterous much of the time 😐

I’m married with two kids and live on a small hobby farm in the middle of Kentucky. I travel to Louisville often enough and can work anywhere.

This Site

The content on this website is a professional-personal hybrid of showcasing the type of work I do and writing about professional interests, what I’m reading, Christian theology, things I find helpful, and so forth. Much of what I publish here is thinking in progress.

Working Together?

I am available for hire. My availability is low at the moment, but I will have more time in October through December of this year. (And 2018 as well.)

Miscellaneous scraps of information that you may find interesting are included below.

Primary technologies I work with:

  • React
  • JavaScript
  • Adobe® Creative Suite
  • Sketch
  • WordPress
  • Git

On the night stand:

1 I feel compelled to note that my first actual paying job as a web designer was in 2001. I was webmaster of the local leather and tack shop which did business internationally thanks to the owner’s prescience regarding ecommerce.