Everyday Weather

The weather app with the best typography.

Everyday Weather was built for everyday use. It shows you want you need when you want it. It grabs your location automatically and shows you the seven day forecast. Tap once to view precipitation chances and double-tap to see the daily details.

For each hour block you can see the forecasted temperature, conditions, precipitation chances and type, wind speed, wind bearing, humidity, and visibility. It’s a thoughtful app made for thoughtful people. View it on the app store.

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I created Everyday Weather to be the weather app I want to use. And I do. The only “must-have” feature it currently lacks it multi-location support. Here are some of the features it does have.

Weekly Forecast

The 7-day forescast shows conditions, high and low temperatures, and the chance and type of precipitation. Tap once anywhere on the screen to toggle between the views. If there’s snow forecasted it will list the expected accumulation.

The 7-day forescast shows conditions, high and low temperatures and the chance and type of precipitation.

Hourly Forecast

The hourly view let’s you parse details quickly. There is usually very little variation in forecasts from hour to hour. So the hourly view lets you select which hour you want to view thereby eliminating the data noise around the values.

The hourly view shows details that you can parse quickly.

Weather Alerts

Everyday Weather displays weather alerts if there any in your area. Just tap the orange banner to read the alerts.

Weather alerts keep you in the know.

Daily Summary

The weather report for the day is presented in a concise paragraph that includes a text summary, the overall chance of precipitation, and the forecasted high and low temperature for the day and at what time they are to occur.

A text summary of the day.

The Process

I kept a design & development journal during the process of building the app. You can read the posts below.

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